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Clairra Cleaning Service Company

Our principles “Acknowledgment” and “Make customers impressed” always remind us of our mission being cleaning experts for the customers by providing high quality services with appreciation and attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Our practical and valuable know-how and service spirit as cleaning expert broadly supported from big property management companies or building owners for more than 4 years.

We continuously make our best effort to satisfy customers’ needs and request, and hopefully all the people who live or work in the buildings managed by us can have the reassurance on the safety and comfortable life.

To be the best-loved cleaning company, Clairra International Trading & Contracting W.L.L. will keep providing building, customer, environment-friendly services with a spirit of challenge and continuous innovation.

Thank you for being our valued customers. We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your accounting needs.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Saad Sultan Al Hajri
Chairman of Clairra International Trading & Contracting W.L.L.

Our Services

In order to cater for the various needs of our clients from diverse industries, we offer a comprehensive range of services which include:

  • Factory, complex, office & building Contract Cleaning
  • General cleaning
  • Daily cleaning
  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning & shampooing
  • Hotel & Public Area Cleaning
  • Mall and Hypermarket Cleaning
  • School, villa and Compound Cleaning
  • Window & Façade Cleaning

A complete cleaning service package

1. Build care services
Building maintenance Cleaning services – Contractual cleaning services cater for day to day maintenance of building, shopping complex, trade centre, condominium, factory, workshop, warehouse, hotels, offices and complex, concert hall, school and etc.
Post construction cleaning services – Initial cleaning services cater for newly constructed building prior to hand over of vacant possession.
Floor care services – A treatment and cleaning system cater for the maintenance of all types of granite, marble, natural stone, ceramic, wooden, synthetic and fabricated floor finishes.
External high-level cleaning services – Intensive cleaning services cater for curtain glass wall and concrete, tiled and aluminium wall cladding.

2. Office care services:
General cleaning and tea services cater for corporate office.
Telephone sanitation services cater for cleaning and sanitation of telephones in office.

3. Trans care services
Terminal cleaning services – A cleaning system cater for day to day cleaning of high traffic environment i.e. airport, Railway Station, bus terminal and Cabin cleaning.

4. Homecare services
Spring cleaning services – Intensive cleaning services cater for residential house and apartment.
Housekeeping services – General in – house cleaning services cater for luxurious apartment, hotel and Hostel.

5. Carpet care
Steam extraction service – An intensive cleaning system cater for natural wool and synthetic fiber carpet and fiber upholstered sofa.

6. General Cleaning services
We also provide General Cleaning services both on monthly basis an on call basis.
We offer your good self a complete package that is required by the Clients by providing Clairra cleaning services, will help your good self in searching for varies contractor. We believe that we will be able to serve you better in this way.

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